timberland socks as gift for timberland season

About Timberland

The Timberland'story begins in 1952, when Nathan Swartz buys part of the Abington Shoe Company. He learns how to make shoes, and starts working on ways to make them better. Timberland history was in the making in 1965 when the Swartz family introduced injection molding to the footwear industry and the first truly waterproof Timberland leather footwear is born.

The Timberland mission is to equip men, women, and kids to make a difference in their world. Timberland does this by creating outstanding shoes, clothes, watches, and other accessories and by trying to make a difference in the communities where they live and work.

Timberland is a big company made up of a lot of small parts and incredibly talented people. They make boots, shoes, clothes, watches, and various gear that are comfortable enough to wear all day and rugged enough for all year. The people at Timberland don't rest on their accomplishments. If they did, they'd have only made one waterproof leather boot.

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